"Dylan and I have an inside joke: we frequently, during blocking, consider that there is an alternate version of Teen Wolf that is a straight up comedy…" ~ Holland Roden


Uh so in case you missed it, I’ve been doing animated recaps of every Teen Wolf episode on!!!

These are the final images of each of them in order. More to come! I’ve been having a blast doing them, I hope you’ve been enjoying them too.

Lisa and Thara Watch Hemlock Grove


We’ve been having so much fun being horrified at how awful Hemlock Grove is, we decided to liveblog our season 2 finale watching experience. 

(All caps are from Springfield! Springfield!)



Thara: And we start off with dead people and rap music. 


Lisa: Are you going to clean up that blood before you bleach it? No? Okay.

Thara: I really don’t think that’s how you clean up blood. 


Lisa: Degrassi forgot how to stand up straight. Because he’s “A GYPSY.”

Lisa: His mustache is ridiculous. 

Thara: So you stir with a knife Cousin Destiny?


Thara: I don’t think Anna is going to help anyone. 


Lisa: Cousin Destiny just HAD to put on her fur vest on before going out into the snow. 


Lisa: Eww! No!

Thara: My boobs are uncomfortable with the blood lactation. 

Lisa: And she HAD to be wearing white for the boob blood thing. 


Lisa: I do NOT want to read that book. It sounds terrible. 


Thara: She’s watching her own karaoke videos. 

Lisa: Not narcissistic at all. 

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